All UOW Events - Events @ UOW The upcoming fortnight of events from the University of Wollongong. Customised script for WebEvent 2.7 en-au Copyright 2006 UOW 26 Jun: Antimicrobial Resistance Lecture,cal5&sib=0&sort=e,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=26&m=06&y=2017 6:30pm to 8pm Prof. Jon Iredell from the University of Sydney and Westmead Hospital will deliver a public lecture on the dangers of antibiotic resistance and how we as society need to respond. Prof. Iredell is a prominent infectious diseases physician, a prolific microbiology researcher, and one of Australia’s most prominent experts in the antimicrobial resistance problem. This lecture%... 3 Jul: Dementia and Driving Lecture,cal5&sib=0&sort=e,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=26&m=06&y=2017 5:30pm to 7pm Join us for a lecture on Dementia and Driving. This event will increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of approaches to dementia and driving retirement. Participants will learn how to support informed decisions by individuals with early dementia diagnosis, in partnership with their GPs, other practitioners, family members and carers. A Dementia and Driving%... 6 Jul: CRLP200/201: Career Ready Learning & Practice Info Session,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=26&m=06&y=2017 12pm to 1pm Hear more about how this subject could benefit you direct from Career Consultants, as well as representatives from 40K (a potential internship or industry project provider). Free pizza lunch!