All UOW Events - Events @ UOW The upcoming fortnight of events from the University of Wollongong. Customised script for WebEvent 2.7 en-au Copyright 2006 UOW 20 Aug - 11 Sep: Caring for the Incarcerated Exhibition,cal5&sib=0&sort=e,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=20&m=08&y=2017 All Day Caring for the Incarcerated is an exhibition that explores 200 years of history within the NSW prison medical service, curated by Dr Kathryn Weston & Associate Professor Louella McCarthy from our School of Medicine. It's a joint project of UOW and the Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network, with support from the UOW Global Challenges program and SMAH. ... 31 Aug: Engagement and Impact: All staff Research & Innovation Forum,cal5&sib=0&sort=e,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=20&m=08&y=2017 12pm to 1:30pm The research environment is changing. Following the launch of the National Science and Innovation Agenda (NISA) the Australian Government have introduced a number of new measures, including changes to research block grant funding and the launch of a national research engagement and impact assessment of all Australian universities by the Australian Research Council. This all staf... (Amanda Morgan)