All UOW Events - Events @ UOW The upcoming fortnight of events from the University of Wollongong. Customised script for WebEvent 2.7 en-au Copyright 2006 UOW 20 Mar - 24 Mar: Hand in Hand Charity Art Exhibition,cal5&sib=0&sort=e,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=20&m=03&y=2019 All Day UOW Cares is proud to support SCARF - Strategic Community Assistance to Refugess Families. Since 2005, SCARF has been supporting humanitarian refugee entrants to rebuild their lives in Wollongong and the Illawarra. SCARF programs are delivered by over 300 local volunteers, creating an environment where friendships can grow and the values of community and inclusivity can%2... 20 Mar - 31 Mar: Bert Flugelman retrospective NOW OPEN,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=20&m=03&y=2019 10am to 5pm A new exhibition, developed by University of Wollongong Library, moves beyond the monumental public works that Bert Flugelman is arguably best known for, to explore his multi-faceted character and constant evolution as an artist. 20 Mar - 31 Mar: Bert Flugelman VR Experience,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=20&m=03&y=2019 12:30pm to 1:30pm Experience Bert Flugelman sculptures in Virtual Reality with hololens technology! Available selected dates on the ground floor of the Wollongong Campus Library. Developed to view as part of UOW Library's current exhibition Bert Flugelman | Wry ARTificer. Open daily through to 31 March 2019.... 26 Mar: SMART Seminar Series: "Natural hazards and social vulnerability of place: the strength-based approach". Presented by Dr Robert Ogie,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=20&m=03&y=2019 10:30am to 11:30am Natural hazards pose significant threats to different communities and various places around the world. Failing to identify and support the most vulnerable communities is a recipe for disaster. In this regard, the concept of social vulnerability has emerged as a widely recognised way of assessing both the sensitivity of a population to natural hazards and its ability to respond ... 28 Mar: UOW Tottenham Hotspur Official Launch Week,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=20&m=03&y=2019 6:15pm to 10pm Thursday 28 March - UOW Tottenham Hotspur Launch Dinner, Innovation Campus 29 Mar: UOW Tottenham Hotspur Official Launch Week,m,t&ws=1&cf=list&set=1&swe=1&sa=0&de=0&tf=0&sb=0&stz=Default&d=20&m=03&y=2019 10am to 11:30am Friday 29 March - UOW Tottenham Hotspur Official Media Launch UOW campus