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Overview of using the Events @ UOW Calendars, About Events @ UOW.

FAQ for Users
How to view multiple calendars, search, submit, email and export events

FAQ for Administrators
How to login, change password, approve, add and edit events

Guidelines for Event Submissions
Who can submit events, an overview of the process, approval & posting.


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Read the WebEvent Userguide for more information about its features.



To change calendar administrators:

To request an additional administrator, and/or change ownership of a calendar, contact uownow@uow.edu.au.

To request a new calendar:

All calendars on this system are subject to review and approval by the Calendar Manager in the Office of Community & Partnerships. For consideration of a new calendar, please contact uownow@uow.edu.au.





What kinds of events can be listed and who can see the events?
A. Any public event on campus is welcome. Events may be of interest to students, staff, faculty, alumni, or the community at large. Please do not submit opening hours or other non-specific events.

Your submitted events are invisible until the have been approved by a Calendar Administrator. Once approved, they are available to everyone, including the public. Never post any information that discloses personal information.

How do I look at multiple calendars at the same time?
A. Click on the Choose menu item in the top-right of screen. From here you can select multiple calendars and campuses to view.

Note that the major calendars (available across the top of the page) already contain many subcalendars. When viewing these major calendars or any multiple calendars you can see the calendar an event actually comes from in brackets below the event's title.

How do I search for an event?
A. Click on the Search menu item in the top-right of screen. Enter a keyword that describes your event. Note that multiple words will only match if it is an exact phrase! The search will check the event title, description and venue to find a match. The search form also allows you to narrow your search to specific calendars, campuses or a range of dates (the default is for all events during the next 12 months.)

Can I export an event or calendar into Outlook?
A. A single event can be exported into your personal calendar (i.e., Outlook, Palm), by clicking on the event and then on Export

Save this file to your desktop. Now open Outlook and click on your calendar. Go to File > "Import and Export" and choose "Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file (.vcs)". Choose the file you saved on your desktop it gets imported right into your Outlook calendar.

You can also export an entire calendar or a range of dates from a calendar by clicking onExport

This creates a Comma-Seperated-Values (.csv) file which can be imported into Outlook, Excel or just about any calendar software.

What is RSS and how do I use it?
RSS – which stands for Really Simple Syndication - is an easy way to view or receive the latest updates from the calendar without signing up to anything or receiving pesky emails.

RSS feeds, or channels, are available for all our calendars and can be read in several ways. One way is via a program called a news reader or aggregator. A quick search of the web will find many free or inexpensive news readers with various capabilities. Another way is by using Live Bookmarks from within the Firefox web browser.

How do I email the event details to myself/a friend?
A. View any event and click on Submit Event

Enter your friend's email address and click on the "Send" button. An email is automatically sent to your friend which contains all the event details.

To personalise the message, enter your email address and add your comments. These fields are optional but without them your friend receives an anonymous email (and can't reply.) To send a copy of the email to yourself, tick the checkbox at the bottom.

How do I submit an event?
A. Anyone may submit an event. To submit an event, click on the Submit Event button and fill in the information requested. The button can be found on any calendar page, it is located on the right below the Campus selection. When submitting, select the calendar(s) that best fits your event. Any events unrelated to the University should appear in the "Commnity Billboard". Note that your event will not appear until it has been approved. Refer to Guidelines for Submitting Events for more detailed information.

Who approves my submitted event?
A. Individual calendars are maintained by Calendar Administrators who approve events. All calendars on this system are also subject to review and approval by the Calendar Manager in the Office of Community & Partnerships.

Once approved, the "Contact Email" addressee will be notified via email. This is the email address that was entered in the "Contact Email" field, during the "Submit Event" process. If more than one email was added, all will receive the email notification. CAUTION: Enter email addresses correctly, as there is no confirmation available.

May I add more than one event contact name/email?
A. Yes. In the Contact field, type in the contact names, separated by a comma. If it is necessary to use more than one email address, type the email addresses separated by semicolons (;). Note: Regardless of the contact name or names, email will be sent to all contacts listed in the email address. CAUTION: Enter email addresses correctly, as there is no confirmation available.

How do I postpone, modify or cancel my approved event?
A. Email or contact the calendar's administrator. Be sure to give the event information (i.e., event title, date, times, calendars) in addition to the modifications.

Who can I contact with a question?
A. Contact the calendar administrator at uownow@uow.edu.au.

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