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Overview of using the Events @ UOW Calendars, About Events @ UOW.

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How to view multiple calendars, search, submit, email and export events

FAQ for Administrators
How to login, change password, approve, add and edit events

Guidelines for Event Submissions
Who can submit events, an overview of the process, approval & posting.


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Read the WebEvent Userguide for more information about its features.



To change calendar administrators:

To request an additional administrator, and/or change ownership of a calendar, contact or on (02) 4221 3110.

To request a new calendar:

All calendars on this system are subject to review and approval by the Calendar Manager in the Office of Community & Partnerships. For consideration of a new calendar, please contact or (02) 4221 3110.



Who can submit events:

The calendars are free and open to all staff and registered student groups and organisations including programs that partner with the University. The Community Billboard Calendar is also available to members of the community to list their annual fundraising events, along with major cultural events that include concerts, performances, etc.

Submitted events are forwarded to a Calendar Administrator who then reviews your submission and then "approves" the event for inclusion. Only then will it appear in the relevant calendars. Most events are posted within hours of their submission, however, please allow 24 to 36 hours if it is after business hours, weekends or during a holiday period. If you do not see your event within this timeframe or need to change information about your event after it has been submitted, contact the designated Calendar Administrator.

The University of Wollongong reserves the right to decline submission of any event as it sees fit.

An overview of the submission process:

  1. Enter the Events @ UOW calendars from and click on Submit Event.
  2. Follow the "Instructions for Submitting Events" below and enter your event information.
  3. Double-check each field and the information you have provided before clicking on the Submit Event button.
  4. You should receive a message thanking you for your submission. (If you receive an error message instead, simply press your browser's "Back" button to return to the submission form, make corrections and submit again.) Your submission is then reviewed by a Calendar Administrator.
  5. If the event is approved it gets posted and then becomes visible. Should your submission be rejected you will receive a notification email.

Instructions for submitting events:

Event Titles

  • Use short event titles (if possible). Do not use ALL UPPERCASE.
  • For regular events such as films, workshops or public lectures, include the event's topic after the event title. An example is Uni in the Brewery: Bionics & Robotics

Event Description

  • Include any entry fees, mention if reservations are necessary and include a contact number. You should also specify if your event is open to the public, faculty only, student only, staff only etc.
  • Phone numbers should use the area code and prefix.


  • Don't forget to add a Contact Person and Contact Email when adding an event. Use semi-colons between multiple email addresses.

Selecting a Calendar

  • Select the most relevant Subcalendar to which the event should be posted. It will automatically appear in all the relevant Major Calendars.
  • Please do not submit events directly into these Major Calendars: Academic Events, Public Interest, Student Life, Arts & Entertainment, Staff Events, All UOW Events. Any submissions to these calendars will be moved to a more specific calendar.

Selecting a Campus

  • Select a UOW Campus for your event – Wollongong, Shoalhaven, Batemans Bay, Bega, Moss Vale, Loftus or Sydney (Sydney Business School). If your event is not on campus, choose "Unspecified".


  • A building & room number is sufficient for campus events, otherwise you should include the full address.
  • Spell out location names as the calendar will also be read by people who are not familiar with our campus.


  • Include your unit, faculty or organisation's Website if relevant. Use a complete address like and the calendar will automatically display it as a link.

Policing the Events Calendar:

If you see something that is incorrect or should not be on the University calendars (or the Community Billboard) please alert the Calendar Manager.

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